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Related Services

Physical therapy in St Katherine’s School is a related service that addresses functional skills in the school setting. Positioning, walking, stair climbing, balance, coordination and large motor skills are some areas focused on by physical therapy. Equipment and braces are monitored and ordered as needed. Consultation with teachers and parents is provided for any mobility issues that are of concern. Direct and indirect services are provided to students who have difficulty accessing the school or playground safely or participating in their classroom activities independently. If physical therapy services are indicated, a yearly prescription from a physician is required for services to be rendered.
Adapted Physical Education at St Katherine School is provided weekly.  Students learn fitness activities that are adapted to their capabilities. Needs of students are identified and developmental activities, games and sports are designed to meet those needs. Activities are designed to the interest and capabilities of the students. The goals of the APE class are to develop a desire to be active, encourage interaction with classmates and have fun!