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Functional Academics
St. Katherine School utilizes a comprehensive and individualized program that includes Functional Reading and Math, Life Skills and Religion. Curriculum is designed according to the students’ Individualized Education Plan. The methods for achieving the students goals and objectives is included in the specially designed instruction of the IEP.
Our reading and language arts curriculum offers students research-based, high-quality programs that support the student’s IEP goals. Our students learn through a variety of programs such as Reading Mastery, ELSB, Environmental Print, Read Live, Edmark Reading Series, The Wilson Fundations Series and PCI Sight Word Series along with many other supplementary materials. For students who evidence stronger reading potential, we incorporate reading programs with audio and directed reading of classical novels and leveled readers to improve reading and comprehension skills.
Our Functional Math Program is used to teach and reinforce basic math skills from the earliest levels along with PCI Math Programs that allow for continued reinforcement of basic math skills and to increase money and time skills as well as problem solving. It is important our student learn the daily life math skills they will need to utilize in life.
Life skills are a high priority of our educational program. These include, but are not limited to, dressing, eating, and self-care, social and behavioral skills. In addition at our high schools site, life skills are stressed in the areas of culinary arts, consumer economics, work behavior and additional functional life skills in the use of money and time schedules to be more independent in the community.
Our students learn social skills through direct-instruction, skill-specific lessons that include modeling and role playing. Students participate in group discussions and activities to “try-out” newly learned social skills. These newly learned social skills are then generalized into daily life through community based activities.